Local Shared Ministry Information

Local Shared Ministry 

‘Local Shared Ministry’ (LSM) is the term we use to describe a particular theology and structure for being church within the Diocese. Its emphasis is on being a ‘ministering community’, rather than being a community gathered around a minister; and it seeks to find expression for all the varied gifts of the people who are part of it.

All the members of the congregation, led by a Ministry Support Team, share the responsibilities that were traditionally carried by a vicar.  Over the past two decades, in many places where the traditional ‘vicar-led’ model was no longer sustainable, Local Shared Ministry has made it possible for Anglican ministry and mission to continue in those local areas.

Under the LSM structure, members of the Ministry Support Team are ‘called’ from within the congregation and have specific roles.  Typically these roles include Co-ordinators of Pastoral Care, of Preaching, and of Worship, along with those called to be deacons and priests to ensure the provision of sacramental ministry. The Co-ordinators work with dedicated teams in the various areas of ministry to facilitate the mission and ministry of the whole LSM unit, and the Ministry Support Team is licensed by the bishop.

Ministry Enablers are appointed by the bishop to ensure that there is ongoing training, support and supervision of members of the Ministry Support Team, as well as providing training and resources for all members of the congregation.

Instead of a parish Vestry, a church Council is elected by the congregation to be responsible for overseeing management of the LSM unit.

Local Shared Ministry is overseen by the Bishop of Auckland

For more information on Local Shared Ministry contact the Co-ordinating Enabler for LSM,

Rev’d Megan Means


Email:   lsm@auckanglican.org.nz

Resources for LSM in the Diocese of Auckland

This blog provides resources for those working in Local Shared Ministry in the Diocese of Auckland.  Its contents are designed to support the mission and ministry of your community as you seek to be the Body of Christ in your place.

Look for ideas and suggestions about outreach, hospitality, worship, music, preaching, education and other aspects of church and community life.

Posts are prepared by the Diocesan Enabling team who are collectively responsible for the training, support, encouragement and education of ministry teams and congregations from the Bay of Islands, to the Coromandel Peninsula to Onewhero.

Contact your Enabler if you would like to see content on a particular topic or if you have a resource of idea you would like to share.

Local Shared Ministry is….

  • A way of structuring ministry so that the local church is responsible for establishing priorities for mission and ministry
  • A ministering community
  • Affirming of the gifts of all the baptised
  • Rooted in the New Testament, read I Corinthians 12.11; Ephesians 4,7-12
  • A way of being, a culture (Bishop Stewart Zabriskie of Nevada)
  • Team ministry
  • An opportunity for everyone to be involved according to their gifts, time and energy
  • A growing and evolving way of being church

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    • Arohamai Murray for my late reply. Ian’s resources are under the Lectionary Hymns and Songs headings. Also I have just uploaded Year B as a download document which is all Ian, Chris and Natalie’s resource. Thanks Megan

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