Add some new music to the Easter season

If you are in the business of selecting music for the congregation, don’t forget the material written by New Zealand authors and composers! I noticed that “He Came Singing Love” has been a popular selection during Holy Week, so this is one NZ hymn which has become a “standard” (after around 20 years!).

Here are some suggestions from “Alleluia Aotearoa” and “Faith Forever Singing” for the season of Easter. Remember that we are celebrating the Resurrection through until Pentecost, so sing those Easter hymns over the next few Sundays.

If you have other Easter favourites to recommend (written more recently, from any source!) please add a comment so that everyone can benefit from your inspiration.

From “Alleluia Aotearoa”

Christ is alive (and the universe must celebrate) – a wonderful hymn of praise, suitable for opening or closing

Every day – a rousing hymn to learn ahead of Pentecost especially suitable for a recessional

For the bread and wine and blessing – perfect communion hymn for the season

Who is my mother? – a hymn to celebrate inclusion in Christ’s new family (before the Gospel, recessional)

We wait for you – A haunting hymn which calls to us in every season, reflecting the Great Commission

We are an Easter people – a hymn to celebrate Christian identity

Sing a happy Alleluia – calypso style, lively and fun

One, two, three, Alleluia – fun children’s hymn encouraging participation

Now as we go – A blessing song suitable for the season

Love to the world – Simple worship song ideal for Eastertide

Give thanks for life – Processional or recessional sung to the familiar SINE NOMINE (For all the saints)

From the waiting comes the sign – Perfect invocation/processional to learn ahead of Pentecost

E Te Ariki – Maori version of the chorus “Jesus, what a wonder you are”

Come to the celebration – Lively gospel-themed Introit or Offertory hymn with Scottish-style tune

Church of the living Christ – Stately Easter hymn ideal for LSM! Can be sung to the tune LITTLE CORNARD (Hills of the north, rejoice)

See the next post for ideas from  “Faith Forever Singing”