Suggestions: Music for the Easter Season from “Faith Forever Singing”

As we walk along beside you – A communion or gradual hymn based on the “Road to Emmaus” – words are also in “Hymns for Today’s Church”

God of the Bible – An easily-learned hymn focusing on renewal and change

God speed you on your way – A blessing/closing hymn suitable for the season

In the singing, in the silence – A communion/invocation hymn

Maker of mystery – An evocative hymn which may be sung to DOWN AMPNEY (Come down, O love divine)

Relentless Lover, God in Christ – A hymn of challenge and commitment, which may be sung to KINGSFOLD (I heard the voice of Jesus say)

Tip for establishing new hymns: Remember that in order for most people in the congregation to experience a hymn or song that is introduced (especially a seasonal one) it will need to be sung with much more frequency than the well known repertoire. It is a good idea to sing something new two weeks running, and then, say, a month after it was first introduced. Congregations need to feel confident that they have learned something new properly.