Easter 3: Ideas and starters

A focus on the Gospel Reading could utilise the following ideas:

  • Provide a visual focus with a real fishing net and some fish cutouts (congregants could write Easter thanksgiving prayers on these, for example)
  • Gather outdoors around a barbecue fire (IF you don’t have a total fire ban in your area) and begin the Eucharist with the greetings and Gospel reading. Hand around little portions of fish & bread (Tuna on bread would be fine) before going into the Church
  • Dramatise the dialogue aspects of the Gospel – copy the text from the link above and underline the part for Jesus and bolden the part for Peter – print out parts for the reader, Jesus & Peter
  • One sermon starter is around Jesus’ question “Do you love me?”, and its echo of Peter’s threefold denial. The question, of course, can be asked of all of us
  • Use the hymn “Will you come and follow me?” (The Summons) from the Iona Community. Visit the link for the words and tune. (You should have a copyright licence to use this hymn if it is not in one of your hymnbooks).

If you have other ideas based on the Gospel for Easter 3, please add a comment