Our new Bishop, and news of Barbara Wesseldine

Local Shared Ministry units must be gladdened to know that Bishop Ross in his first letter to the Diocese, made a point of focusing on the importance of LSM:

I will be looking closely at the archdeaconry structure and in particular how that can be used to support ministry in the north and south of the diocese. I have asked the current archdeacons to continue in their roles in the interim while we make those decisions. The team will also ensure that there is a continued focus onresourcing Local Shared Ministry. Ministry education across the diocese will be another important aspect of the team’s work. I believe in the shape of Anglican mission grounded in local faith communities. As your bishop it will be my task to ensure that ministry is resourced to the best of our ability.
On a less happy note, your prayers are sought for Barbara Wesseldine, who is seriously ill in hospital as a result of a reaction to her recently commenced chemotherapy. Barbara will not be returning to work in the immediate future.