Starter ideas for Trinity Sunday (C)

Since we are dealing with the only festival day in the Church’s year which is based on a theological idea (God in Trinity) rather than the commemoration of a particular event, it makes sense to make the focus theological too. Here are three approaches:

God’s wisdom: The Hebrew Scriptures depict Wisdom as a female presence born at the beginning of creation, who says “whoever finds me finds life”. This is an idea echoed in John’s gospel in particular, and Paul writes of “Christ who became for us wisdom from God.” (1 Cor 1:30). Feminine imagery associated with God, and Christ as “mother hen” could be presented as ways to talk about God that are alternatives to typical Father/Lord language, and the question “How would we think/feel differently about God if we used this kind of language more frequently?

God as community: We sometimes forget when emphasising Christian community that God is also community, or if you like, in the business of communing. God is a dynamic threefold relationship of Creator, Incarnate One and Enlivening Spirit, to use just three descriptors – and most importantly it is love which is that which binds the Trinity in one.  Ideas which stem from this are, for example, that Christian faith is most authentically experienced as part of the Body of Christ, in which we are called to dwell in love.

All age presentation: “Light for the Lectionary” offers a simple and useful idea for helping everyone to think about God in trinity. You gather together a box of objects all belonging to and representative of a well-known member of the congregation: an item of clothing, representation of a hobby, a book etc and see if people can guess who the person is. Ask how much the items really tell about the person, and what else you’d like to know. Talk about clues in creation as to the nature of God, and then how much clearer it is when the person themselves is present (have the owner of the items come forward). This is like God becoming incarnate in Jesus. Then, the Holy Spirit is like another person who has witnessed all of the aforementioned, and comes to tell others about it, or to remind us what we have seen and heard.

(This is a condensation of the teaching idea, and we recommend that you purchase “Light for the Lectionary” from Scripture Union UK if you regularly use all-age ideas in worship). Details are in previous posts, which you can find by clicking on the all-age tags on the right.