Add depth with a portable e-bell!

We’re getting better at using silence as a dimension to deepen our experiences of worship. If you’ve experienced a period of silent reflection after the Gospel reading, or the sermon, or during the Intercessions, you’ll know how helpful it can be. But the boundaries around periods of silence can be awkward. Some churches use meditation bells from other traditions (e.g. Tibetan), and these can have the most sonorous and beautiful sounds. But they can also cost megabucks.

Now there is Insight Timer, which is FREE for Iphone and Android, and a very small charge for Ipad. Even without amplification the selection of bell sounds are impressive, but connect your device to a sound system, or just put it near a microphone, and you have a really useful tool for worship.

You can also use it for personal meditation, as a timer (obviously!) is included.

Go here for more:

Let us know if it works for you!


(and thanks to Chris Harris for pointing us to this resource)

One thought on “Add depth with a portable e-bell!

  1. I’ve just discovered this facebook site. Nice work, those involved. I’ll be back.
    Lindsay Nash, Titirangi LSM

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