Hymns from “Community of Christ Sings”

I’ve been introducing some great new songs and hymns from “Community of Christ Sings”, a new compendium of 664 items for that American denomination*. Some people have asked where they can buy it. The answer is slightly complicated!

Browse the site at http://www.heraldhouse.org

The really fantastic news is that this entire hymnal can be purchased in audio keyboard accompaniment mp3 files which you can play from a computer or burn to CDs (legally). At USD 159 that sounds pretty expensive, but not per track. You’d also need at least a pew version of the hymn book.

The accompaniment tracks come on a USB stick, and there is also a USB stick of lyrics available, but beware: they warn that you still have to have the relevant copyright permission (Licence, such as CCLI) to use the lyrics for projection or printing.

A two-volume spiral bound large-print edition is available for musicians (with accompaniment and chords).

BUT if you are purchasing from outside the USA you will need to email them to place your order – they’ll inform you what the postage will be.

HOWEVER you could get yourself a legal USA postal address via the nice folks at NZ Post: just visit YouShop and sign up for free and they will give you a legit USA address and forward your goods to the NZ address you specify upon notification. You will need to pay the International Postage rate.

*N.B. The repertoire is entirely ecumenical with Christian writers (including from Aotearoa) who are published all over the world, but the particular church that this book is for is a reformed church with Mormon associations.