Affirmation of Faith

This is the third year of the Northern Trinity programme which offers a Certificate in Theology and Ministry through Melbourne University.

As a learning exercise the participants were asked to write an ‘Affirmation of Faith’.

They share these three:

I believe in God the creator of the world, and that He made all that is in it.
I believe in God’s only Son Jesus Christ our teacher, redeemer and our confidant,
who took human flesh, who suffered and died a human death upon a cross,
to save us from our sins.
That Jesus Christ came to give us a greater understanding
and knowledge of God’s will, and His love and care for us.
I believe in the Holy Catholic Church,
The forgiveness of confessed sins,
And the salvation of our souls.

By Rhyll Sworn
St Andrews, Mangonui
We believe in an awesome God because of the wonder of creation.
And all that is provided for us – the land and the sea of these Islands
that nurture and sustain us
We believe in Jesus, the lover of our souls,
Who by dying and rising to life gave us new life
We believe in Gods’ Holy Spirit who reveals Gods everlasting love for us.
Who comforts, enlightens, guides and directs.
Trinitarian love
By Paula, Ron and Karen
I believe in God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, three in one.
Out of emptiness and darkness he brought the world into being.
He filled it with beauty, life and fruitfulness.
He saw that it was perfect.
I believe that man and woman were made in the image of God.
Through disobedience they became separated from God.
I believe in God’s own son Jesus, the Word.
Through the Spirit he was born a human.
Out of love for us and in order to renew our relationship with God he put aside his deity.
In obedience he subjected himself to suffering and death.
He took on himself the sentence owed to us for our disobedience.
I believe that Jesus was raised from death to new life and now exists with God so that we can share in that new life.
I believe in the presence of the God’s Spirit in our lives today to guide, encourage and help his church to live according to the instructions of his Word.
I believe that the church is God’s body on earth to demonstrate His love as its members live in obedience to his will.
I believe that Jesus will come again and take us to be with him.
An Affirmation of Faith
By Emil and Judith Nye