An excellent collection of new hymns and songs

I was having a rummage in the Cathedral music library the other day and came across a new-looking hymnbook, so spent an hour or so browsing it. What a fantastic find, and from the A&M stable too. It is called “Sing Praise” and features 300 more recently written hymns and songs, some to well-known tunes. The seasonal section is excellent and will enrich any repertoire. There are also plenty of good-quality worship songs, together with short, meditative pieces. It contains a good range of material I’ve been teaching and using recently. The collection was published in 2000. Highly recommended.

Liturgical music from Conference 2015

Liturgical music that we learned at Conference this year is available to download, along with a Gloria from the same 1989 recording, which were all commissioned from me to be part of educational materials issued in association with the publication of “A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa (1989)”.

You are welcome to copy and use this material to sing along with. Melody lines and chords should also be available upon request. (Right-click, “Save link as”)

Jesus, Lamb of God

Agnus Dei


– Ian Render (ianrendz{at}

Not quite walking on the water, but…

The Revd. Glenys Davis (Kawakawa-Towai LSMU) was absent from our Local Shared Ministry conference at the end of November because she had some big plans.

Glenys, a great-grandmother and mother of Kelvin Davis, MP, had been training to swim in the Russell – Paihia event in the Bay of Islands.

The middle section of the swim was pretty challenging in the conditions but Glenys succeeded in completing the event, with family members waiting to congratulate her.

Everyone at the Conference was aware of Glenys beginning her challenge as we began our morning session, and of course we were upholding her too.

Warmest congratulations, Glenys, from the Local Shared Ministry whanau.


New menu

We’ve sharpened up the look of our site and tidied the menus. All the Hymn and Song selection pages are now under the tab “Music for RCL Sundays”. As of 22 October the current pages are Year B Part 2 and Year C Part 1, depending on which Sunday you are currently planning for.