Support Resources for Families


The Waitemata Whanau Collective is made up of four specialist Family Violence agencies, Family Action, Man Alive, Kia Tīmata Anō Trust and North Harbour Living without Violence. The Helensville Women & Family Centre have also kindly added to the development of this resource.

These are ideas to help you manage stress, support your wellbeing, your relationships and entertain the kids.

We hope you find them useful and wish you and your family well as we all work together.

Covid19 Support Resources

The Archbishop of Canterbury Easter Day Sermon 2020

COE Easter 2020 Sermon ABC VF AFN

There needs to be a resurrection of our common life, a new normal, something that links to the old, but is different and more beautiful.

We must dream it, build it, make it, grasp it, because it is the gift of God and the call of God.

Then we must create it in partnership with God and with one another.

In the new life of the resurrection of Jesus, we dare to have faith in life before death.

We hope, because of the resurrection.

Good Friday Treasure Hunt


Find each item from around your home and then look up the Bible Reading associated with the item. You might like to make a display of your Good Friday items when you’ve finished and leave it in place until late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. 

List of Items to for the Treasure Hunt 

Good Friday Treasure Hunt 

Bottle of Scented Body Wash – Matthew 26:6-13 

Silver Coin – Matthew 26:14 – 16 

Water Bottle – Mark 14:13-16 

Towel – John 13:3-8 

Dinner Plate – Mark 14:17-21 

Slice of Bread – Luke 22:19 

Glass -Luke 22:17-18,20 

Leaf or Twig from a Garden -Mark 14:32-36 

Pillow – Mark 14:37-42 

Rope – Mark 14:43-48 

Official Document – Matthew 26:59-66 

Blanket – Mark 14:54 then Matthew 26:69-75 

Hand Sanitizer or Soap – Matthew 27:11-24 

Purple Item of Clothing or Purple Fabric – Mark 15:16-17 

Nails – Luke 23:32-35a 

Dice – Luke 23:35b-37 

White Paper & Pen or Crayon (Write on it “King of the Jews”) – Luke 23: 

Clock or Wristwatch – Matthew 27:45-46 

Vinegar – John 19:28-30 

Piece of Cloth to Tear – Mark 15:38-39 

“Blessings” with Br. David Steindl-Rast

“Blessings” with Br. David Steindl-Rast

Bless what there is, for being. Whatever it be, bless it because it exists; you need no other reason.

Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with breath

In and out, in and out, ever-renewing us, ever anew, making us one with all who breathe the same air.

May this blessing overflow into a shared gratefulness, so that with one breath I may praise and celebrate life.


Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with humility

That down-to-earth quality that has nothing in common with humiliation but makes us stand tall and acknowledge both the humus that feeds us and the stars to which we aspire.

May I learn to practice, and to honor in others, this sparkling humility which is the dignity that we, as human beings cannot afford to lose. 


Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with imprecision

With all that is vague, close but not quite; all that leaves room for the more specific, the more precise, and room for the imagination.

May I know when to be exact and when to move freely and blessed in the space so generously provided by all that is not perfectly defined, giving full scope to my dreams and creativity.


Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with memory

That sacred ingathering of the past that allows us to recognize faces, learn poems by heart, find our way back when we are lost, and bring forth old and new from its nearly inexhaustible store.

May I know what to forgive and what to retain and treasure, keeping in mind the smallest kindness shown to me and spreading its ripples for a long time. 


Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with change

In the seasons of the year, from snow to greening, flowering, fruiting and harvest, in the seasons of life, from childhood to youth, full ripeness, and saging. All living things keep changing.

May I welcome change as a sacred opportunity to grow and savor in each unrepeatable moment’s fleetingness what IS beyond change.


Source of All Blessings,
you bless us with departures

For they are a necessary part of our journey, necessary for the arriving.

May I always be ready to take leave, always aware that every arrival is a prelude to departure, every birth a step toward dying, and may I thus taste the blessing of being fully present where I am. 

May blessings help to sharpen your taste for the gift of life in its innumerable facets. May you grow ever more blessed, ever more able to bless.

Prayers for Anxious Times

A Prayer for Anxious Times

Engaging Your Body in Prayer

When we are anxious and distracted, we often have trouble focusing on our prayers. Many people find that engaging the body in prayer along with the mind and voice can be helpful. Try praying this prayer using spoken words and body motions (noted in italics). After praying with voice and motion two or three times, close your prayer time by using the body motions as you pray silently the words of the prayer.

God be in my head and in my understanding  (place hands on head)

God be in my eyes and in my seeing  (place hands over eyes)

God be in my ears and in my hearing  (place hands over ears)

God be in my mouth and in my speaking  (place hands over mouth)


God be in my arms and in my reaching  (hands hug arms)

God be in my hands and in my working  (hands reach forward in offering)

God be in my legs and in my going  (hands touch legs)

God be in my feet and in my grounding  (hands touch feet)


God be in my lungs and in my breathing  (place hands over lungs)

God be in my heart and in my loving  (place hands over heart)

God be in my life and in my living  (arms overhead and reaching to sky)