New Bicentennial song

PCANZ has released a song to commemorate the arrival of the gospel in Aotearoa and the life of God’s church here. In my opinion it is a very fine piece of work, professionally and movingly filmed and performed. A great addition to your bicentennial celebrations!


Christmas music!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day selections for the Feast of the Incarnation are on this page.

Don’t just sing the sentimental favourites! Go on, risk learning or enjoying something new! What about the fun new words for TEN GUITARS, or the lovely carol from the Iona Community sung to SCARLET RIBBONS.

Or why not enjoy a blast from the present with great new songs from Resound Worship: check out “In the beginning” and “Ring out the bells” to blow out the Christmas cobwebs.



Objections on a postage stamp! Happy Christmas preparations!


Jane Williams on Advent 4

Click here for an application of Jane Williams’ interesting comparison between the First Testament reading and the Gospel for Advent 4. So, what’s wrong with a static nativity scene?

Greetings to all who will be wrestling with the familiar Advent/Christmas texts and seeking a fresh take on them this season!


Music for Advent 4

Advent greetings as you are in the midst of busy preparations!

Click here (or choose the page above) for Songs & hymns, a recording and a video for Advent 4, with the major focus being on the Magnificat. Material is for 21 December 2014.


JW Reflection for Advent 3

A meditative responsive action has been suggested to follow the reading aloud of Jane Williams’ reflection for Advent 3(B). You will  need a bloom for each person, and a couple of other items as detailed on the page. A suitable hymn to conclude the meditation is also suggested.


LSM Conference Music 2014

Many of those who attended Conference this year contributed their voices to our Top 10 new songs and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to introduce these to their congregations. Here’s a taster of what will shortly be available to you:

Kyrie (Look around you):


O God, you search me:

 Closing chapel service for conference

Closing chapel service for conference