A musical Christmas gift

A Christmas discovery this year, thanks to Natalie Sims, is the carol “God’s surprise” from the Iona Community.

“Who would think, despite derision,
That a child should lead the way?
God surprises earth with heaven,
Coming here on Christmas Day.”

What’s nice about this one is that, like “What child is this?” it is sung to a traditional English tune, in this case SCARLET RIBBONS (Link downloads a pdf of melody and guitar chords). I liked it so much I decided to record a sing-along track (as professionally as I could manage, decide for yourself):

It’s for those of you who are pushed for musicians at this busy time of the year. You can download a high-quality mp3 from my Soundcloud page. By the way, you can also use this arrangement to sing “What a friend we have in Jesus” at any time of the year as it’s 3 verses in 8787D!

Advent blessings!




Christmas music!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day selections for the Feast of the Incarnation are on this page.

Don’t just sing the sentimental favourites! Go on, risk learning or enjoying something new! What about the fun new words for TEN GUITARS, or the lovely carol from the Iona Community sung to SCARLET RIBBONS.

Or why not enjoy a blast from the present with great new songs from Resound Worship: check out “In the beginning” and “Ring out the bells” to blow out the Christmas cobwebs.



Objections on a postage stamp! Happy Christmas preparations!


Music for Advent 4

Advent greetings as you are in the midst of busy preparations!

Click here (or choose the page above) for Songs & hymns, a recording and a video for Advent 4, with the major focus being on the Magnificat. Material is for 21 December 2014.


Music for Advent 3

A list of hymns old and new, songs and video clips has been compiled for 14 December, Advent 3(B). You can find them on this page.

Thanks to Natalie Sims and Chris Harris for their considerable input.


Conference Music Available!

Some of you have been anticipating the availability of our demo tracks of the songs we learned at Conference this year. Thanks for your patience. I did promise them by Advent, and now they’re ready after digital editing and mastering to polish them up and make them as consistent as possible. We did a great job given the limits of time, setting and resources, supported by the talents of Josh Jones and Sandy Robertson.

Please use them to familiarize music groups and congregations, but don’t forget to have a suitable licence for reproducing words or music.

The two most used are: LicenSing  (more for mainline, liturgical congregations)

CCLI favoured by congregations with more contemporary worship song styles.

You can download the tracks individually from Soundcloud right now.

You can burn them to a CD using freeware. Here’s a page with some top recommendations .If you have ITunes, you can create a playlist, add the files, and burn to a CD very easily.

Please submit a comment if you have any difficulty accessing the material.

Here’s a sample:


LSM Conference Music 2014

Many of those who attended Conference this year contributed their voices to our Top 10 new songs and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to introduce these to their congregations. Here’s a taster of what will shortly be available to you:

Kyrie (Look around you):


O God, you search me:

 Closing chapel service for conference

Closing chapel service for conference