Lectionary Songs & Hymns Year B Pt. 2

The Reign of Christ is the concluding week of Year B. Advent Sunday’s selections will be found on a new page: Year C, part 1. Forthcoming new pages will include a “Core list” of Advent material, followed by a “Core list” of traditional and contemporary music for Christmas.

Reign of Christ / Aotearoa Sunday : (B)

Selections for Aotearoa Sunday:

Where mountains rise to open skies [DUNEDIN] AA 155

Touch the earth lightly [TENDERNESS] AA 143

E Ihowa Atua / God of nations AA 51 (1st verse in both languages)

God of our island home HioS 43 Suggest that you could use the refrain only as a meditation, or as a post-communion response

God of the northerlies HioS 45

These hills where the hawk flies lonely FFS 63 Very easy to learn!

We are many, we are one FFS 67 Another of Colin Gibson’s lively and easy to learn songs

God of unexplored tomorrows FFS 27 which may be sung to MARCHING or other

Blow through the valleys FFS 6 Bill Bennett’s popular hymn

You could sing a Maori hymn your congregation knows, or sing along with tracks from the “Shiloh Whanau” album, e.g.:

I love this family of God (E Aroha Ana Ahau)

Kia Hiwa Ra (Lift Up Your Heads) Also very suitable for “The Reign of Christ”

Shiloh Whanau Lyrics Sheet 2013


Selections for The Reign of Christ:

Featured: You Lord are both Lamb and Shepherd [PICARDY] Simply superb writing by Sylvia Dunstan. Perfect for today, perhaps as the Offertory Hymn. There is a stunning arrangement performed by this choir and orchestra on YouTube. This hymn is also known as “Christus Paradox” CoCs 22

O God of earth and space (Jane Parker Huber) A great opening hymn. The only tune is LEONI which may be known by your congregation, and is not hard to learn. Scroll down for the text.  Another suitable hymn to the same tune is Shirley Murray’s Community of Christ (TiS 473, CoCs 354)

Hallelujah for the Lord our God the almighty reigns SiS 102 Blast from the past that would make a useful Gospel acclamation today. I would transpose down to D major if possible

The Servant King (From heaven you came) (Kendrick) TiS 256 Good closing song. Here is a singlong video (YouTube) which appears to be Cliff Richard and others.

All hail the power of Jesus name CoCs 105, TiS 224) DIADEM is a good tune

You are the king of glory SotK 118

All heaven declares 

Jesus shall reign where’er the sun [TRURO]

Alleluia, sing to Jesus [HYFRYDOL] One version of this hymn (which is not in many hymnbooks because of the Eucharistic theology) has “Yours the blood and yours the body in our Eucharistic feast”.

O worship the King all glorious above

King of kings and Lord of Lords (glory, hallelujah)


The king of glory comes, the nation rejoices TiS 279

Who is moving through the silence? AA 157 (Weir/Render) Link is to the Festival Singers of Wellington performing Guy Jansen’s arrangement. Could be played as a meditation after/during communion.

Thanks again to Chris and Natalie for their contributions during Year B


33rd in Ordinary Time: (B): God our hope

Last week’s featured song “Let us build a house” would also be apt today. 

Featured: All my hope on God is founded It may seem strange to feature this old hymn, but because it is so apt it is worth singing a properly inclusive 4 verse version (click to download). The tune is MICHAEL

Christ be my leader by night as by day [SLANE] Suitable gradual for today, click “I agree” for the text which is also #624 in TiS.

Among us and before us Lord you stand This challenging communion hymn from the Iona Community (John Bell) has its own tune, GATEHOUSE, which is really worth learning. It’s found in TiS #259. However, you can sing it to SURSUM CORDA. If you want to check out the words from the link, you’ll need to scroll down to the end of Day 2 (or try CTRL-F and search for “Among us”)  and then decode the rather odd setting out of the words. There are 5 verses.

Let all creation dance [DARWALL] A great opening hymn from Brian Wren, sung to a very well known tune. Should be spritely! TiS 187

God of the Bible, God in the gospel FFS 25

These hills where the hawk flies lonely FFS 63

Where are the voices for the earth? FFS 75 This is an (LM) hymn, so you could sing it to O WALY WALY or, if you are very brave you could try OLD 100TH but this might be a bridge too far because of its strong association with “All people that on earth do dwell”

O Lord, hear my prayer (Taize) A good refrain for your intercessions today (re Hannah)

He’s got the whole world in his hands (Suggest you sing “You’ve got the whole world…”)

There is a Redeemer Melody Green’s worship song would make a good Gradual today. YouTube singalong

There’s a wideness in God’s mercy Colin Gibson’s adaptation of the words (linked) is helpful. Can be sung to (e.g.) ABBOT’S LEIGH

We have come into your house A simple way to make the old worship song inclusive SotK 215 I’d abandon “Just forget about yourself”: too cheesy for words. You could try: “So we lift up holy hands to magnify your name and worship you”

Beauty for brokenness see 28th Sunday for links

Canticle of the turning see  15th Sunday for links. (Hannah’s song is a precursor for the Magnficat of Mary)

“Together in Song” (1999, collection of 783 Hymns and songs) can be ordered online here.


32nd in Ordinary Time: (B): “Unless the Lord builds the house…”

Featured: Let us build a house (Marty Haugen) You can singalong to this Youtube clip. If the song is unfamiliar, listen to the first solo verse before joining in. CoCs 276

Love divine, all loves excelling Common to most hymnals

Here to the house of God we come This Colin Gibson hymn suits the Gospel reading AA 61

Take my gifts and let me love you AA 127

Here we bring, small or great An offering song very apt for today’s Gospel AA 62

Take my life and let it be Common to most hymnals

God whose giving knows no ending These online words can be sung to a 76.76D tune of your choosing. I like BEACH SPRING

Spirit of Christ, remember me A lovely, and simple hymn of  supplication by Dan Damon: “Spirit of Christ, remember me, when I fear to play my part…” CoCs 221 or the words and music here, scroll down to the pdf symbol for the music.

O God, you search me and you know me There is a lovely (if rather slow) singalong version on this YouTube video

Give thanks with a grateful heart CoCs 134 An easy song of thanksgiving. This Youtube clip is a handy group singalong, or there’s a YouTube solo singalong version (served with a large serving of cheese) here

Remembrance Sunday 

There is an outstanding collection of new hymns, most of which can be sung to well-known tunes from Jubilate Hymns Ltd on this page. I particularly liked “Lord, help us to remember“, although you may prefer to use “God” as the form of address.

All Saints (and All Souls) (B)

As well as the Feast of All Saints, many churches are now providing an opportunity for the congregation to remember loved ones who have died. Their names can be read out, and candles lit according to local custom. This list is likewise in two parts. 

Music for All Saints:

Featured: For all the saints [SINE NOMINE] in a contemporary form of the words, without all that warfare imagery, by Jim Cotter, who gave us the “Alternative Lord’s Prayer” NZPB p.181. Scroll right down the page. CoCs also has a good form of the words #331

Song of faith that sings forever FFS 57

Rejoice in God’s saints also  TiS 470 [LAUDATE DOMINUM is suggested, or DARWALL]

Sing for God’s glory that colours the dawn of creation LOBE DEN HERRN

As stars adorn the night-veiled sky WAREHAM A useful hymn by Carl Daw, but note the misspelling of “hope” in the first verse!

O welcome all you noble saints of old (SotK 142) Robert Stamps’s atmospheric song from 1972 has rather dated language, but you could sing “Christ has spread the table for us all” instead of “God and man at table…”. “What angels long to see we now have found”. You could also use “Wayward ones” and “Jesus and the Church” depending on your sensibilities. Here is a link to a (safe) document with gazillions of hymn/song lyrics. You need to scroll to #148, copy then edit the text.

We sing for all the unsung saints (Daw) [ELLACOMBE, KINGSFOLD] Good for reflecting on the faithful lives of ordinary Christians

Who sweeps the stable when Christmas is over is not a Christmas Carol by Shirley Murray and Colin Gibson, but a sweet and easy song in the same category of “Unsung Saints”. HioS 154, has guitar chords too.

As we gather in your presence now Lively song from ResoundWorship for all ages, about all kinds of Christian ministry. All resources for this song available for a small fee.

Here in this place (Gather us in) Marty Haugen’s lively gathering song CoCs 72 TiS 474

Music for All Souls:

Nothing is lost on the breath of God A Colin Gibson hymn, easy to learn, that belongs in every repertoire. FFS 50. Provided free-to-use on this page. What are you waiting for, unless it’s a musician?

When we lift our pack and go Murray/Render A hymn about departures AA 153 Youtube example of this being sung by a congregation in Geneva begins at 2:50 CoCs 634

Fare well. We come to send you on the way FINLANDIA TiS 695 Strictly speaking this is a funeral hymn, but would be very evocative today.

Lord turn our grieving into grace SOLOMON’S MEMORY Murray/Render FFS 45. Good if you have a singing group to do the echo part. Words acknowledge the need for moving on from bereavement.

Give thanks for life SINE NOMINE This time it’s Shirley Murray’s revision. “And for our own, our living and our dead, thanks for the love by which our life is fed…” Click “I agree” to see the lyrics.

Many of today’ suggestions were originally made by Natalie Sims. Thanks to her for the huge resource she provides.


30th in Ordinary Time (B): Bless the Lord at all times

Today’s hymns and songs focus on thanksgiving and praise. For hymns about healing see the selection for 26 in Ordinary Time (below)

Well known hymns and songs for today include:

Amazing grace Judy Collins’ classic version can be found on this YouTube clip

I will bless the Lord at all times SiS 32

In the Lord I’ll be ever thankful (Taize) You could sing along with this video

Father I thank you for all that you’ve done SotK 64

Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus SotK 185

I will sing, I will sing a song unto the Lord SotK 49

I heard the voice of Jesus say [KINGSFOLD]

O God beyond all praising [THAXTED aka “I vow to thee my country” CoCs 90, HFTC 36

For the fruit of all creation [AR HYD Y NOS] CoCs 132, or find the lyrics here

Christ is alive, let Christians sing [TRURO] Natalie Sims recommends this one in relation to the Hebrews reading

Some newer texts to well-known tunes:

Called to gather as God’s people [NETTLETON, or other 87.87.D tune]  CoCs 79 or the text is here This would be an excellent opening hymn – it’s by Carl Daw.

Come away from rush and hurry BEACH SPRING, SCARLET RIBBONS or other gentle 87.87D tune] CoCs 83

Canticle of the turning [STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN]  see 12 July for the links. Great song!

All who hunger gather gladly Really good hymn from Sylvia Dunstan. Why not sing it to CONVERSE aka “What a friend…” especially if using it as a gathering hymn

Thanks to Chris and Natalie for their suggestions for today


29th in Ordinary Time (B): The Son of Man (or Human One) came to serve

Some of last week’s hymns and songs are also apt for today

Hymns and songs about Creation (cf. Job, Psalm) – these are often suitable for the opening hymn:

All creatures of our God and King (Selected verses) CoCs 98

A spendthrift lover is the Lord suggest you sing this to KINGSFOLD. You could make the first line more inclusive by substituting “our God”. Lyrics here, scroll down Also in TiS 676

Sing of the Lord’s goodness Rousing song in 5/4 time TiS 183 demo here, cleverly interpolating “Take Five”, or a congregational version you could sing along with and the lyrics are here.

Sing out, earth and skies (Come O God of all the earth). Marty Haugen’s lively song. TiS 181 Sung, with lyrics, in this YouTube clip

Stars and planets flung in orbit TiS 186 which can be sung to PRAISE MY SOUL (LAUDA ANIMA) Suggest you use selected verses, say 4 in all

Let all creation dance in energies sublime TiS 187 Great words set to DARWALL by Brian Wren. Ideal opener.

Other hymns and songs related to the Epistle or Gospel readings:

Jesus is Lord! Creation’s voice proclaims it SOTK 155

Meekness and majesty “The Source 353” YouTube version begins at 1.15 min. Congregational with lyrics – featuring the composer, Graham Kendrick

Christ is the world’s light [CHRISTE SANCTORUM] TiS 246

My song is love unknown [LOVE UNKNOWN]

Christ’s is the world in which we move [DREAM ANGUS] TiS 677

Great is your faithfulness CoCs 11

Unless a grain of wheat shall fall Sing-a-long recording of Bernadette Farrell’s song

Kneels at the feet of his friends CoCs 367

The Servant Song CoCs 550

Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for contributions


28th in Ordinary Time (B): How hard it is to enter God’s realm

Featured (For the epistle reading): Speak O Lord (CoCs 66, Sing Praise (A&M) #187) An anthemic song with a soaring melody very suitable in the gradual slot. If your congregation does sing-a-long to music clips this could sit alongside “Come to the banquet, there’s a place for you”. The congregational clip would be easier to sing to, but you’d need to screen or print the words. 

Lyrics are on this page  YouTube solo with lyrics here Youtube large congregation with piano, good quality OR on this page. (www.anything2mp3.com could be useful)

Featured (for the Job reading) O God why are you silent? PASSION CHORALE Powerful words to a well-known Passiontide tune

Featured (for the Gospel theme) O day of Peace Carl P Daw Jr.’s magnificent text sung to the popular JERUSALEM but subtly subverting the original poem! Sung here with lyrics CoCs 380

The lyrics are on this page . Get the mp3 accompaniment here (right-click on link, “save link as”)

Also for the Job reading:

Lord hear my praying LARA TiS 689 Lovely song by Robin Mann, plaintive melody indeed reminiscent of Dr. Zhivago!

Through all the changing scenes of life WILTSHIRE TiS 112, HFTC 46 Traditional hymn

Also for the Hebrews reading:

How firm a foundation, you people of God ST DENIO TiS 578, HFTC 430 Two different modern versions of the words. I’d change “his” to “the” in the last line of the HFTC version (signup, login) STOWEY could also be an attractive tune option

For the Gospel reading:

O God of love grant us your peace In CoCs the tune is A PURPLE ROBE which is not well known (can be found in HFTC 122) but you could sing this text to KINGSFOLD

Canticle of the turning (My soul cries out) CoCs 404 See 12 July for this fab song

Will you come and follow me?

The kingdom of God is justice and joy HFTC 333 HANOVER

Beauty for brokenness (God of the poor) TiS 690, CoCs 302 Choral version with words Solo version with words and video, good for reflection

Jesus Christ is waiting

Lord make me like you Songs of the Kingdom 76

For communion:

Take my gifts and let me love you AA 127

In the singing, in the silence Demo version FFS 38

Let us talents and tongues employ LINSTEAD TiS 537 CoCs 522

 You’re welcome to download this jazzy version I recorded (right-click on link, “save link as”). Repeat verse one at the end.

Since the world was young GOD’S TABLE Lively song from John Bell (Iona) TiS 544

Shout for joy, the Lord has let us feast LANSDOWNE Celebratory post-communion song from John Bell TiS 545 Well sung but rather formal version


27th in Ordinary Time (B): Bringing many children to glory

For St Francis Day:

All creatures of our God and king You might consider more inclusive lyrics like “sing your praises, alleluia” and usually 4 verses is enough, such as 1,4,5,7 or CoCs (98) has five

Make me a channel of your peace Unless your congregation has been channelling this one too often – it is becoming hackneyed

Joyful, joyful we adore you ODE TO JOY Sadly underused hymn in NZ. CoCs 99 – easy guitar chords, too – , I like the version of the words in TiS 152. Great hymn to begin worship with – can be done in either a grand or upbeat style

Blessing the children:

Like a child Jesus comes Lovely, gentle hymn by Dan Damon. Would make an excellent gradual hymn today. Very easy to learn. Lyrics and music are correct on this page . There’s also a demo of part of the song here.

Strong gentle children Another of Dan’s hymns if you have CoCs (233) – very appropriate at present, unsentimental

I know someone who watches over me (The children’s saviour) AA 66

Come to the banquet there’s a place for you (See 6 September) Good for the Offertory hymn today

The kingdom is within you AA 137

Father I place into your hands Catchy song from the 70s as in this lyrics video sung with kids

Jesus loves me, this I know Still powerful, even for adults to sing, and I think David McGuire’s second and third verses are an improvement on Anna B. Warner:

Jesus loves me! This I know, as he loved so long ago, taking children on his knee, saying “Let them come to me.”

Jesus loves me still today, walking with me on my way, wanting as a friend to give light and love to all who live.

On the other hand, Ray Stevens did a fab gospel version of the original on his 1972 album “Turn your radio on” (see http://www.anythingtomp3.com – very handy!)

“Crowned with glory and honour”:

Majesty SOTN 1

You are the king of glory SOTN 118

The servant King

Crown him with many crowns CoCs 39

O risen Christ, still wounded Another of Carl Daw’s wonderful texts, perfectly matched to the Hebrews reading today. Sung to Bach’s well-known PASSION CHORALE CoCs 41

Praise with joy the world’s creator LAUDA ANIMA (PRAISE MY SOUL) TiS 179, CoCs 57


26th in Ordinary Time (B): Have salt in yourselves and be at peace with one another

A hymn for these troubled times that fits the readings, too:

God of the future Leading hymnwriter Carl Daw has written a powerful and moving text to our own Colin Gibson’s tune TENDERNESS (AA 143). Link is to the text page, look for the pdf symbol to click through to the printable music. Easy to learn. 

O Christ who by a cross made peace your sign Shirley Murray’s hymn is also very apt (AA 105) to SURSUM CORDA

Gentle God when we are driven Another of Shirley’s hymns with a lovely tune by Jillian Bray (AA 44)

Bring forth the kingdom (You are salt) Marty Haugen’s lively call-and-response song. Link gives words and guitar chords in D. There is a youtube demo (enough to pick up the song) here. You can find the melody line and words here.

On health and healing; peace:

We give God thanks for those who knew MELCOMBE HFTC #318. This link to the text requires you to sign in or sign up for free with Jubilate.

Jesus hands were kind hands AU CLAIR DE LA LUNE TiS #236 A short and suitable gradual

We cannot measure how you heal YE BANKS AND BRAES or O WALY WALY (half verses)

Healer of our every ill Marty Haugen’s folk-style song CoCs #547. Link is to a congregation singing. I have guitar chords in D.

O Christ the healer we have come  ANGELUS CoCs #544 Excellent words from Fred Pratt Green

What a friend we have in Jesus CONVERSE CoCs 253 and many other hymnals!

Lord Jesus we belong to you A simple but attractive song on today’s gospel themes, but only available in TiS 686

Put peace into each other’s hands ST COLUMBA CoCs 309, or select the link for the words

Here is bread, here is wine Graham Kendrick’s communion song. I prefer “feast with Jesus here” in the lyric. Link is a demo performance

God speed you on your way Lovely closing song from Shirley Murray and Shona Murray (no relation!) in FFS 29

If you wish to feature Queen Esther’s courage, you could choose one of the hymns from last week, or include

There is a line of women This women-affirming hymn would work well sung to ELLACOMBE. Scroll down the linked page for the words

Who would true valour see? Link is to an inclusive, first-person version of the words.


25th in Ordinary Time (B): The wisdom from above

Last week’s hymns about lady Wisdom are also suitable today

Of women and of women’s hopes we sing One of Shirley Murray’s hymns, can by sung to SURSUM CORDA Note that the link seems to contain a lyric mistake: v2 should read “We praise the God…” in order to scan

A prophet-woman broke a jar No well-known tune for this excellent hymn unless you break it into half verses and use either ST COLUMBA or DOMINUS REGIT ME as the tune. I suggest you can leave out (with care!) some of the half-verses or it will be quite long.

Mighty God who called creation CoCs #641 87.87D tune e.g. HYFRDOL

A mother lined a basket CoCs #239 can be sung to ELLACOMBE or THORNBURY (76.76D) Good choice for both the first and gospel readings

For the epistle reading:

Kneels at the feet of his friends CHEREPONI CoCs #367 and various other books!

Blow through the valleys FFS 6

Brother, sister, let me serve you AA 8, CoCs 550

Let justice roll down like a river AA 85

Let justice flow down, down like a river CoCs 286

Through all the changing scenes of life WILTSHIRE TiS 112 and most books

For the Gospel reading:

Beauty for brokenness TiS 690, CoCs 302

Peace Child “Carol our Christmas” 35

Lord of all hopefulness SLANE CoCs 193 and most hymnals

Gentle is the way of Jesus FFS 22 Although not listed as such, this hymn is 87.87D, and suggested tunes are EBENEZER or SCARLET RIBBONS. Link has text and a modern tune by NZ’s Jenny McLeod

Lord make me like you Another blast from the 70s past. Good during Communion SiS 281 or “Songs of the Nations” #76

Lord you hear the sound See under 30 August. Gospel number for social justice

AND if you are having the baptism of a child today:

Welcome the child FFS 69(i) HUSH-A-BYE BABY A great fit with the gospel reading

Thanks to Chris and Natalie for helping to populate this list!


24th in Ordinary Time:  (B) Every tongue confess “You are the Messiah”

Two hymns with lively, well-known tunes for today’s Psalm / Celebrating spring:

Sing for God’s glory that colours the dawn of creation [LOBE DEN HERRN]

Let all creation dance in energies sublime [DARWALL]

For the reading about lady Wisdom:

Holy Wisdom, lamp of learning [BEACH SPRING] CoCs 55 Lovely, easy tune

Eternal light, shine in my heart [O WALY WALY or other 88.88] TiS 548, or scroll down on the link

For the reading from James about the tongue!

He is Lord (/You are Lord/Te Ariki)

Let the words of my mouth Blast from the 70s past: SiS 124 – just needs a little modernizing of the language. You could add another verse: “Let the works of our hands, and the deeds of mercy that we share be acceptable…”

Strengthen for service, Lord try this to [ST COLUMBA] TiS 496 or on this page

Make me a channel of your peace 

Sing of the Lord’s goodness TiS 183 Lively 5/4 time!

In the singing, in the silence for Holy Communion FFS 38, CoCs  519

For the Gospel reading:

Will you come and follow me? (The Summons) [KELVINGROVE] CoCs 586

Jesus you have called us Simple, devotional song on today’s Gospel theme from ResoundWorship

Great God, your love has called us here [MELITA, aka “Eternal Father, strong to save”]

Jesus calls us here to meet him [GAELIC AIR] TiS 477

You are the king of Glory Songs of the Nations #118

I the Lord of sea and sky [HERE I AM LORD]  CoCs #640 and many other books! Link is to a beautiful and inspiring choral arrangement on Youtube, with a knockout key change at the end! Or, if you want a meditative solo with guitar (perfect for reflection during or after communion) try this.

Thanks once again to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their prior work for this Sunday


23rd in Ordinary Time (B): A Gentile woman blessed for her boldness

This week’s hymns and songs are about healing and social concern. You could try “Lord you hear the sound” from last week’s selections

Beauty for brokenness CoCs 302

Give thanks with a grateful heart CoCs 134

I heard the voice of Jesus say [KINGSFOLD]

The servant song (Brother, sister…) CoCs 550

Here to the house of God we come AA 61

Kneels at the feet of his friends [CHEREPONI] TiS 640

Two simple songs to the tune AU CLAIR DE LA LUNE:

I am standing waiting FFS 34

Jesus hands were kind hands CoCs 585

Jesus Christ is waiting TiS 665 [NOEL NOUVELET] 

Put peace into each other’s hands CoCs 309 [ST COLUMBA]

Sent forth by God’s blessing [THE ASH GROVE] CoCs 648, TiS 531

Christ’s is the world in which we move [DREAM ANGUS] TiS 677 Backing track and lyrics

Come to the banquet, there’s a place for you Such a great song deserves to be better known

Praise the One who breaks the darkness [NETTLETON or other 87.87D]

When our Lord walked the earth [PERSONENT HODIE aka “God is love, his the care…”]

This is a fantastic hymn from the Iona Community sung to Gustav Holst’s amazing arrangement of an ancient tune (which can be found in many hymnbooks, e.g. HFTC 311). If you have a good organist who can manage the walking bass and an enthusiastic congregation this would bring your worship to a powerful close. 

Thanks once again to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their prior work for this Sunday


22nd in Ordinary Time (B): Doers of the word (& Spring Festival)

10 hymns and songs for a Spring Festival

Now the green blade rises [NOEL NOUVELET]

Pass it on (It only takes a spark) [PASS IT ON]

Morning has broken [BUNESSAN]

For the beauty of the earth [DIX]

In the bulb there is a flower [SCARLET RIBBONS or HYFRYDOL or other 87.87D]

New Zealand written selections:

Our life has its seasons [AA 133]

These hills where the hawk flies lonely [FFS 63]

Maker of mystery [FFS 47]

Jesus comes to me as a springtime tree [AA 77]

Whispering gently the breeze from the mountain [FFS 77]


Hymns and songs for the day’s readings:

Here in this place the new light is streaming [GATHER US IN]

God whose giving knows no ending [RUSTINGTON or other 87.87D]

O God in whom all life begins Click on the pdf logo for the English carol tune [NOEL]

I want to walk as a child of the light TiS #643 Attractive and easy to learn

O God, you search me and you know me (Bernadette Farrell)

Canticle of the turning (My heart cries out) [STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN] CoCs 44 – see entry for 12  July for links. Just great stuff!

Lord you hear the sound (Lord have mercy) Great gospel-style song from Resound Worship, Youtube presentation with lyrics for singalong. And on the same theme from Resound:

When our songs of joyful celebration You could listen to this as a response to the reading from James (v.26)

Thanks once again to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their prior work for this Sunday


21st in Ordinary Time (B): The words of eternal life

One of the Eucharistic hymns referred to below would be appropriate.

How lovely is your dwelling-place If you have “Together in Song” you can sing the Psalm based on the Scottish Psalter (TiS #44) to BROTHER JAMES’ AIR or WILTSHIRE The traditional version is way too obscure in its language

5 songs:

There is a redeemer

You are the king of glory

We are marching (walking) in the light of God (SIYAHAMBA)

Let us build a house (All are welcome) YouTube with words and performance of Marty Haugen’s hymn of inclusion. You could play this for a meditation. (CoCs #276)

Welcome Jesus, you are welcome (CoCs #277) Dan Damon’s jazz-chorded song is touching and easy to learn (not so easy to play!) Links to words and music.

5 hymns:

This day God gives me (St. Patrick’s Breastplate) Can be sung to BUNESSAN aka “Morning has broken” also found at TiS #642

Be Thou my vision (or Christ be my vision) CoCs #167 and many hymnals

Like a mighty river flowing [QUEM PASTORES] HFTC #32 Attractive modern hymn about the peace of God

All who hunger gather gladly Sylvia Dunstan’s fine hymn can be sung to HYFRDOL or CONVERSE or another 87.87D tune. The typo on the linked page should read “In communion’s love have stood”.

Thanks to God whose Word was spoken [REGENT SQUARE] TiS #431 Good fit to the Gospel. Suggested inclusiveness adaptation:

Thanks to God whose Word was spoken
in the deed that made the earth.
Holy voice that called a nation;
and the fires that tried its worth.
God has spoken, God has spoken:
praise God for the open word. (same line at the end of each verse)

or in a more contemporary vein, Stuart Townend’s excellent worship song Speak O Lord  CoCs #66, Sing Praise (A&M) #187

Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for contributions to this selection


20th in Ordinary Time (B): The bread that came down from heaven

Once again Eucharistic hymns and songs from 26 July to 9 August are suitable.

“Faith Forever Singing” has a couple of hymn texts that can be sung to well-known tunes:

Relentless lover, God in Christ to KINGSFOLD (FFS #55)

This table is the Lord’s to FRANCONIA (FFS #64)


Give thanks with a grateful heart

O Lord who came from realms above (“O thou who camest from above”)

Holy Spirit, you are welcome in this place An apt change of lyric might be “Revealing the power of mercy and grace…”

For more suggestions see this page


19th in Ordinary Time (B)Peace Sunday

The comment below under 2 August applies to this week’s readings as well. See note, 26 July. 

You could also sing:

Let us break bread together

We come as guests invited [PASSION CHORALE] HFTC #602

And now, O Father, mindful of the love [UNDE ET MEMORES] HFTC #392(i)

Come risen Lord as guest among your own [SURSUM CORDA] HTFC #399(ii)

Jesus the Lord said ‘I am the bread’ TiS #239 Probably easier to sing down a tone. Simple melody, very easy to learn

Coming together for wine and for bread CoCs #516, but sung to SLANE (“Be Thou My Vision”)

In the singing, in the silence CoCs #519, and FFS #38

As we gather at your table CoCs #523 Sung to the lovely American tune BEACH SPRING

NZ Hymns and Songs for Peace Sunday:

From “Alleluia Aotearoa”:

Christ is our peace

Gentle God, when we are driven

He came singing love

O Christ, who by a cross made peace your sign [SURSUM CORDA]

Where mountains rise [DUNEDIN]

Tell my people I love them A really good closing song

From “Hope is our Song”:

Where shall be found (Tree Of Peace) Easy to learn

Christ has changed the world’s direction Can be sung to MICHAEL

From “Carol our Christmas”:

Peace Child


18th in Ordinary Time (B): The bread of life

See last Sunday’s recommendations and those for 19 July in relation to “unity”

You could also sing:

Take my gifts and let me love you Murray/Gibson AA #127

We are one in the bond of love SiS #134

Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to us [LIVING LORD]

Eat this bread and never hunger see 26 April below

in relation to the OT reading:

Come down, O love divine [DOWN AMPNEY]

O God, you search me and you know me

Create in me a clean heart, O God


17th in Ordinary Time (B): Jesus feeds the people

There is a list of Eucharistic hymns and songs here . Please scroll down to 2 April 2015, Maundy Thursday. 

Featured hymn/song for Holy Communion:

Feed us now, bread of life Such an attractive and easy-to-learn piece from Australian writer Robin Mann. TiS #538 Ideal for singing during Communion, or possibly at the Offertory. Words and a very attractive backing track are here

Other hymns and songs suitable for the Gospel theme:

Eat this bread, drink this cup Short, reflective Taize chant suitable for during or after Communion. CoCs #528, TiS #714

Here in this place (Gather us in) Ideal opening song for today CoCs #72,  TiS #474

As we walk along beside you FFS #3 Easy to learn; recognizing Christ in the breaking of the bread

Break now the bread of life BREAD OF LIFE TiS #429 Words, music and chords

Take our bread, we ask you SiS #25 Offertory song, blast from the past.

Take my life, and let it be NOTTINGHAM CoCs #608

Come to the celebration all who are hungry AA #27 Lively Celtic-style opening hymn or Offertory by Marnie Barrell

Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their suggestions in this list

St. Mary Magdalene

Word that formed creation [NOEL NOUVELET] Processional 
Audio recording Text of this hymn may be found on page 7 of this bulletin
Woman weeping in the garden [MARCHING] Gospel or Gradual
Now to your table spread [LOVE UNKNOWN] Offertory, or
A prophet-woman broke a jar words and melody line Half verses may be sung to an 87.87 tune such as DOMINUS REGIT ME or ST. COLUMBA
Come celebrate the women [ELLACOMBE] A hymn celebrating women’s ministry by Shirley Erena Murray


16th in Ordinary Time (B): Unity in Christ, teacher and healer 

A list of material on the theme of healing can be found on this page . You will need to scroll down to 8 February.

Featured song this week:

I’m a living stone HioS #70 Lively, jazz-style song in cantor/congregation style, making it quite easy to learn. Suited as a reflection on the first reading (or Gradual)

Featured hymn this week:

As we gather at your table 87.87D: NETTLETON, BEACH SPRING or SCARLET RIBBONS CoCs #523 (to BEACH SPRING) SCARLET RIBBONS backing track can be downloaded for free (click the download symbol at top right of the picture. No copyright required to use this track.

For the reading from the First Testament:

Christ is our cornerstone TiS #433 suggested sung to DARWALL

For the Epistle reading

We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord

Jesus put this song into our hearts

Tama ngakau marie

One voice (see 21  June)

Come to the banquet, there’s a place for you A popular and lively invitation to communion

Bind us together, Lord

I come with joy, a child of God Suggested tune: UNIVERSITY, or other 86.86

Now to your table spread LOVE UNKNOWN AA #100

For the bread and wine and blessing AA #39

For the Gospel reading:

I heard the voice of Jesus say KINGSFOLD

and the suggestions at the top of this list re healing

Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their contributions to this list


15th in Ordinary Time (B): Rejoicing and mourning (or Sea Sunday)

Featured song/hymn this week:

Canticle of the turning (My soul cries out) Now this is a great find in “Community of Christ Sings” #404 and even if you don’t have that excellent source, you can still make use of it. The tune is the traditional Irish STAR OF THE COUNTY DOWN. It’s perfect for today because of the sense of toe-tapping rejoicing in the music (re King David), but the lyrics (By Rory Cooney) – from the Magnificat -emphasise that God vindicates those who are faithful to their divine call, and that tyrants will be overthrown. 

If your congregation loved “Come to the banquet there’s a place for you” they will love this one too. 

Here’s a more serious, “celtic” version.

The guitar chords in Em are easy! or you can buy a Celtic style accompaniment track for US$1 on this page, which also has the lyrics. Note that the YouTube clip, although it has the lyrics, is not quite synced so that a congregation could keep up with them! You’d need to print them or screen them yourselves. If you need sheet music, you can purchase and download it here (but it’s already printed in Community of Christ Sings). 

Songs and hymns that relate to the death of John the Baptist:

When we are living, we are in the Lord suits gradual or communion CoCs #243

Nothing is lost on the breath of God FFS #50

God of freedom, God of justice AA #50 TIS #657 [PICARDY]

Lord turn our grieving into grace FFS #45

Give thanks for life suits opening AA #45 CoCs #563

God as with silent hearts TiS #680 [SURSUM CORDA]

God has spoken by the prophets TiS #158 [ODE TO JOY or EBENEZER]

Blessed is the body and the soul suits offertory or communion CoCs #238

Songs and hymns that relate to David dancing before God:

Sing a happy alleluia AA #118

Siyahamba (Natalie Sims suggests singing “We are dancing in the light of God”) suits closing CoCs #95

Jesus put this song into our hearts suits closing or gradual

Come O God of all the earth (Sing out, earth and skies)

and one for the Epistle reading

Loving Spirit AA #94(1)

If you are observing Sea Sunday:

I, the Lord of sea and sky CoCs #640

Jesus Christ is waiting

Amazing Grace

Dear Lord and Father of mankind

Eternal Father, strong to save

Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us

Thou [God] whose almighty word

He’s got the whole world in his hands

Kum ba yah

Waves are beating

When I needed a neighbour

Where the road runs out AA #156

When the storm winds blow AA #152


Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their contributions

Hymns for Bible Sunday

We have a gospel to proclaim FULDA

God of the Bible, God in the gospel FFS #25 The tune is easy to learn!

God has spoken by the prophets EBENEZER

How much am I worth? HioS #63

E Te Atua, kua ruia nei (With One Voice #650) Link provides a translation not for singing. This hymn is attractive when sung to AMAZING GRACE as here


14th in Ordinary Time (B): Sent out on Christ’s mission

Featured hymn this week:

Mighty God who called creation [RUSTINGTON or other 87.87.D] Another magnificent text from Carl P. Daw, jr. Very suitable as an opening hymn

Featured song this week:

When our songs (have mercy) Strong contemporary song from Matt Osgood “Have mercy, Lord, through us… may we demonstrate your love” From ResoundWorship

Hymns and songs on this theme:

Will you come and follow me? CoCs #586 Closing

I have called you by your name CoCs #636 Suited to the gradual or communion

This is a day of new beginnings [BEGINNINGS] CoCs #495, TiS #653 Offertory hymn. Link has words and music so it’s really worth adding this one to your repertoire

God of grace and God of glory can be sung to [CWM RHONDDA] CoCs #624 HFTC #324 TiS #611 Suited to the opening hymn. Link has a contemporary version of the words

Sent by the Lord am I Closing or gradual. Link has all the resources you could need to use this one.

O Christ the master carpenter Choose a devotional 86.86 (CM) tune, such as ST PETER , for this hymn which suits the gospel reading

When we lift our pack and go AA #153 CoCs #634 Suited to closing. Link has words and music

Bring forth the kingdom (You are salt for the earth) CoCs #387 Lively song, suited to opening or gradual. Sample found at the Youtube link

Sent forth by God’s blessing an inclusive language version [THE ASH GROVE] CoCs #648 TiS #531 A closing hymn

From this holy time [LAUDATE DOMINUM] HiOS #31

God forgave my sin (Freely, freely) CoCs #627, HFTC S.12

Amazing grace re the Epistle reading, probably good in the gradual slot

Let us talents and tongues employ [LINSTEAD] CoCs #522 Offertory hymn TiS #537

God’s Spirit is in my heart (Go tell everyone) Link is to a rather frighteningly gothic karaoke version, not quite what the writers had in mind, I think! I have the music for this in a book called “Our Songs: A Hymnbook for Catholic Schools” (Mayhew 1998) but it doesn’t seem to be widely published.

We have a gospel to proclaim [FULDA] TiS #245 HFTC #519 Line 2 note”Good news for all throughout the earth”

I the Lord of sea and sky  CoCs #640 Closing or offertory

and three hymns by Christopher Idle:

And did you risk yourself O Christ? [KINGSFOLD] or other DCM

Ascended Christ who gained [DARWALL’S 148th] Processional or recessional hymn

As once for you, Lord Christ, there was no room [ELLERS] Suited to the Gospel reading

Thanks to Chris Harris for his contributions


13th in Ordinary Time (B): Death and life

If you observe refugee Sunday on this day:

Here to the house of God we come [KHAO I DANG] AA #61

Let justice roll like a river [JUSTICE] CoCs #288 Marty Haugen

When the poor ones who have nothing [EL CAMINO] Latin-style song/hymn

When Israel was in Egypt’s land [GO DOWN MOSES] Words and music

The church of Christ in every age [WAREHAM] A hymn by Fred Pratt Green

I am standing waiting [AU CLAIR DE LA LUNE] A hymn by Shirley Murray

Featured hymn this week:

We cannot measure how you heal [YE BANKS AND BRAES] John Bell’s hymn for many kinds of healing, words and music on the linked page, and also page 483 as indicated

Featured songs this week:

Blessed is the body and the soul Lovely words and music, easy to learn. Links also to a pdf. CoCs #238

Healer of our every ill Marty Haugen’s lovely song, easy to learn. Video is a barely adequate version, though CoCs #547

When we are living, we are in the Lord [PUES SI VIVIMOS] A good gradual song CoCs #242

O God, you search me and you know me Could be sung during communion

At evening, when the sun had set [ANGELUS] Free Jubilate membership required for these lyrics, or in HFTC #315 OR

O Christ the healer, we have come [ANGELUS or MELCOMBE]

Nothing is lost on the breath of God FFS #50

Lord, turn our grieving into grace FFS #45

Give thanks with a grateful heart A good gradual song CoCs #134

I heard the voice of Jesus say [KINGSFOLD]

Give thanks for life [SINE NOMINE] AA #45 Suited to opening or closing

Great is your faithfulness [FAITHFULNESS] Suited to opening or closing CoCs #11

O, the deep, deep love of Jesus [EBENEZER]

Take my gifts and let me love you [TALAVERA TERRACE] AA #127 Linked to the Epistle reading, a suitable offertory song for today

For the bread and wine and blessing [BREAD AND WINE] AA #39 Very apt offertory or post-communion hymn, with a healing theme

Chris Harris and Natalie Sims contributed to this list. Thanks!


12th in Ordinary Time (B): Conflict and storm

Featured song/video this week:

One Voice (The Wailin’ Jennys) This song, although not specifically “religious” has a profundity about it which would be perfect for a time of quiet reflection which could follow a sermon on the Gospel, or perhaps played during communion

Songs and hymns about conflict:

Who would true valour see An inclusive and non-weird version of the words [MONK’S GATE]

Through all the changing scenes of life HFTC #46 TiS #112 [WILTSHIRE]

Safe in the hands of God who made me [ST CLEMENT aka “The day thou gavest”] An opportunity to use this lovely tune. Words by Michael Perry are based on Psalm 27. You will need a free Jubilate Hymns membership to access the full text. You could adapt the text of verse two from “Him” to “You” (As the New Zealand Prayer Book does for all the psalms!) Ideal Gradual hymn

O God our help in ages past [ST ANNE] HFTC #37 CoCs #16

When the storm winds blow AA #152 Suitable as a gradual hymn

Where the road runs out [COLUMBUS] Colin Gibson’s hymn could suit the close of worship

Be still, my soul [FINLANDIA] I would omit verse three, otherwise this hymn is probably too long TiS #123. The linked version has only two verses, and these may be enough. 

Songs and hymns about stillness:

Dear God embracing humankind An inclusive language version (“Dear Lord and Father…”) for today! CoCs #194 [REPTON] This would work as the opening hymn

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Come and find the quiet centre FFS #10 (i) [GAELIC TRAD. MELODY]

In the singing, in the silence FFS #38 [BREAD OF PEACE] Offertory hymn

In the quiet of this day FFS #37 Very effective sung to [BUCKLAND aka “Loving shepherd…”] Could be sung during communion

Calm to the waves CoCs #158 (Short reflective song/chant, easy to learn)

Make me a channel of your peace

Nada te turbe (Nothing can frighten) Taize chant, easy to learn CoCs #241

Jesus is Lord, creation’s voice proclaims it

And then, why not a blast from the past (suggested by Natalie Sims):

Put your hand in the hand Anne Murray with a great gospel choir

Thanks for contributions to this list from Natalie Sims and Chris Harris


11th in Ordinary Time (B): Seeds of a new creation

See last week’s songs with a “kingdom” theme, and also “When we are living” which fits well with today’s Epistle reading

All my hope on God is founded

For the fruits of all [his] creation

God has spoken to [t]his people: “God has spoken to this people, Alleluia! Spoken words of holy wisdom, alleluia!” Or you could try “Jesus spoke to his disciples, alleluia!.. Spoke in words of holy wisdom…”

Majesty, worship his majesty

Where the road runs out (AA #156)

One more step along the world I go “From the old things to the new…”

God gives us a future TiS #687 Good concluding hymn

Now as we go AA #99

Now to your table spread [LOVE UNKNOWN] AA #100

Nothing is lost on the breath of God FFS #50 Well worth learning this simple tune

Where shall be found? (Tree of Peace) HiOS #151 Moving and easy to learn

Maker of mystery FFS #47 [DOWN AMPNEY aka “Come down o love divine”] Marnie Barrell’s parable of growth: lovely imagery


10th in Ordinary Time: (B) “My mother and my brothers” 

And/Or TE POUHERE Sunday

Te Pouhere Sunday is unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand and Polynesia, in that it celebrates our three Tikanga structure. There are two sets of readings. The first is for Ordinary Sunday 10 aka Proper 5(B). The second set provides a number of reading choices for Te Pouhere Sunday. Even if you choose to use the standard readings, you could still include a New Zealand and/or Maori hymn in your repertoire today.

Chris Harris points us to resources for Te Pouhere Sunday: [Resources are available on the General Synod website www.anglican,org.nz, choose ‘Lectionary’, then ‘Te Pouhere Sunday’ to download a .pdf file]

Suggestions for the RCL readings:

The main themes are very similar to 3 May (7th Sunday of Easter) and 10 May, so those suggestions will not be repeated here.

Who is my mother, who is my brother (Murray/Render) Obvious fit for the Gospel! Suited to the Offertory, as well

The kingdom of God is justice and joy HANOVER (HFTC #133)

The kingdom is within you Cecily Sheehy’s blues-style song is a lively addition to your repertoire! AA# 137

We are one in the Spirit (CoCs #359 and many other sources)

Bring forth the kingdom (Marty Haugen’s lively song has a video demo) CoCs #387

When we are living CoCs #242: The music (with different words) can also be found in TiS #778


Aotearoa – New Zealand Resources for today:

From Alleluia Aotearoa:

 # 155  Where mountains rise to open skies [DUNEDIN] Shirley Murray’s hymn is probably the pre-eminent one for today! Excellent opening hymn.

# 82  Join hands in the Spirit  An inter-faith song. Could be sung as a Gradual

# 36  Every day I will offer you A very lively hymn from Shirley Murray and Colin Gibson, well worth learning.

 #85 Let justice roll down like a river

#8 Brother, sister, let me serve you

#59 He came singing love

#51 God of nations (In English and Te Reo)

#132 Tell my people I love them Excellent closing or recessional song

From Faith For Ever Singing:

# 63  These hills where the hawk flies lonely Popular and very easy to learn, about a just society

# 67  We are many, we are one Another lively hymn from Colin Gibson, requires a nimble pianist

# 57  Song of faith that sings forever

#13 E Te Ariki (Lord have mercy) The kyries in Te Reo, responsive

From Hope is Our Song:

#43 God of our Island Home The refrain alone makes a lovely meditative response to prayer

#31 From this holy time A lovely hymn of sending forth which can be sung to LAUDATE DOMINUM

#23 E Te Ariki, whakarongo mai Contemporary Maori song

Some of the above songs and hymns feature on the CDs of the same name. Thanks to Chris Harris for supplying most of these suggestions

9th Sunday in Ordinary time (Proper 4) if after Trinity Sunday

I’d like to acknowledge that the selections below are a digest of material suggested by Natalie Sims for this day. Visit her page for more source-books and other hymn suggestions.

I the Lord of sea and sky [HERE I AM LORD]  CoCs #640 and many other books! Link is to a beautiful and inspiring choral arrangement on Youtube, with a knockout key change at the end! Or, if you want a meditative solo with guitar (perfect for reflection during or after communion) try this.

I have called you by your name Dan Damon’s lovely and easy song

Take my life and let it be [NOTTINGHAM]

O God you search me and you know me Bernadette Farrell’s attractive version of Psalm 139. There is a lovely (if rather slow) singalong version on this YouTube video

You are before me Lord, you are behind [SURSUM CORDA] Again, Psalm 139 to a hymn tune

Come and find the quiet centre [GAELIC AIR or BEACH SPRING] Shirley Murray’s hymn about re-centering our lives in God FFS #10 (i)

Longing for light/Christ be our light (Farrell)  Link is to a very attractive performance, but perhaps a little faster than your congregation would want to sing! Here’s a slower version , a bit posh.

When we are living [SOMOS DEL SENOR] Lovely latino hymn of devotion. I like the words version by John Bell, but here is another.

Come away from rush and hurry [BEACH SPRING or SCARLET RIBBONS]

Lord of all hopefulness [SLANE]


Trinity Sunday (B) The Most Holy Trinity

If you didn’t use our featured song from last Sunday, “Spirit of God”, this is also linked effectively to the work of the Spirit in John 3 this week.


Come you thankful people: A lively gathering song from ResoundWorship, which is ideal for today and for all-age worship

God is one, unique and holy  Some fresh imagery from Brian Wren, which can be sung to LAUDA ANIMA (“Praise, my soul”) or PICARDY  (“Let all mortal flesh”) if you want a more reflective tune. Good processional.


Trinitarian hymns:

I believe in God the Father (Michael Perry) Simple Trinitarian hymn, could be suited to the Gradual slot. 87.87 tune

Father in heaven, grant to your children TiS #465 /WOV #399 to HALAD. It’s worth learning this lively, simple hymn

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty NICAEA CoCs #52 and most hymnals.

God who created light MOSCOW (“Thou/God whose almighty word”) Strong Trinitarian imagery here. Could be sung instead of a spoken Affirmation of Faith.

Sing of a God in majestic divinity  WAS LEBET (“Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”) Very striking lyrics from Herbert O’Driscoll, concluding with:

Sing of this God who in glory and mystery /  chooses to lie in humanity’s womb, / enters the prison and pain of our history,/      rises triumphant and opens the tomb.

Holy Wisdom, lamp of learning Trinitarian hymn with inclusive language to the lovely BEACH SPRING CoCs #55

Praise with joy the world’s Creator LAUDA ANIMA/PRAISE MY SOUL CoCs #57 TiS #179 Iona Community’s inclusive language reworking. Lyrics can also be found here.

Maker of mystery FFS #47 Marnie Barrell’s lyrical writing can be sung to DOWN AMPNEY (“Come Down O Love Divine”)

O Threefold God of tender unity AA #110 Bill Wallace’s hymn can be sung to ELLERS or SURSUM CORDA


Trinitarian songs:

Glorify your name (Father we love you) Songs of the Nations #246 I suggest you update the language

Father, we adore you, lay our lives before you SiS #174, HFTC Song #5

Holy holy, Holy holy HFTC Song #14 Jimmy Owens’ evergreen worship song

any of these would be suitable during communion


God’s Call (The Isaiah reading)

I the Lord of sea and sky (Here I am Lord) CoCs #640 and many other books. Could be sung as the Offertory hymn

Come as you are, that’s how I want you TiS #693

Will you come and follow me (The Summons) CoCs #586 and many other books

I have called you by your name, you are mine Dan Damon’s lovely, easy song. Scroll down the lyrics page for the pdf sheet music icon


The day of Pentecost (B)


Spirit of God A brilliant new song from ResoundWorship. Atmospheric, inclusive, canon form ending with a big harmony conclusion. You could play this recording to set the scene for your Pentecost service, or post-Communion reflection would also work. If you have a choir or singing group you could learn this to use for the Sundays after Pentecost, too.

Wind who makes all winds that blow Thomas Troeger’s vivid lyrics for Pentecost can be sung to ABERYSTWYTH aka “Jesus lover of my soul” or ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR aka “Come you thankful people, come”.

Spirit of Christ remember me A simple and beautiful reflective song from Dan Damon. Could be learned before the service, or sung by a small group during communion, the congregation joining in as able. Sheet music with chords  CoCs #221


Spirit, spirit of gentleness It’s in the songbook “New Journeys”

We are one in the Spirit

Breath of the Living God CoCs #43

Rain down CoCs #260

Blow through the valleys FFS #6

Spirit of the Living God HFTC # s.23 & 24

Loving Spirit AA #94 David Dell’s tune is effective

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Bless the Lord, O my soul (10,000 reasons)



Spirit of God most high HFTC #242 LITTLE CORNARD A stirring hymn/tune with an excellent match to today’s readings. Excellent recessional or possibly gradual. You may need a free membership to Jubilate to access the lyrics

God comes to us as one unheard HiOS #42 Jocelyn Marshall’s hymn is effective sung to IRISH but you could use a number of tunes

Come down O Love divine Works well as an offertory hymn. Link has lyrics and a contemporary recording/tune

The Spirit came as promised HFTC #244 ELLACOMBE

Wind of God, dynamic Spirit (also HFTC #234) ABBOT’S LEIGH

From the waiting comes the sign An excellent Invocation Hymn by Colin Gibson & Shirley Murray AA#43

Breath on me, breath of God TRENTHAM is a good tune or the familiar CARLISLE

She sits like a bird brooding on the waters (Enemy of Apathy) TiS #418

Spirit of holiness, wisdom and faithfulness HFTC #246 BLOW THE WIND SOUTHERLY see also below


Additional resources (including liturgy):

Jubilate Hymns have a Pentecost/Trinity resource page. Membership is free. Consider these:

Come down Holy Spirit NOEL NOUVELET

Holy Spirit, heaven’s breath I thought MONKLAND would work well

May we, O holy Spirit could be sung to SURSUM CORDA


Ascension Day (B) (if observed on this date) / OR Jesus prays for his disciples

ASCENSION DAY: (We suggest that you use the readings for Ascension Day rather than Easter 7)


A Hymn for Ascension Wonderful, fresh words from NZ writer Marnie Barrell. Can be sung very appropriately to LAUDA ANIMA aka “Praise, my soul”. HiOS #14 Marnie has kindly agreed to let us share the text of her hymn with readers of http://www.localsharedministry.com 

We praise you God, creator Lord A real gift to those with a group or choir. Alleluias sung to PACHELBEL’S CANON with a simple tune for the congregation (or vice-versa!) TiS #185. Could be an offertory hymn, or post-communion


He came singing love

God is here as we your people ABBOT’S LEIGH. Good opening hymn. Link provides words and music (note the tab that takes you to copyable text)

Christ is alive, let Christians sing TRURO (aka “Jesus shall reign”) CoCs #473 Could serve as a closing hymn

Come down O love divine DOWN AMPNEY Perhaps a post-communion hymn

You shall go out with joy TiS #755, Songs of the Kingdom #192 Lively song for the close of worship

God forgave my sin (Freely, freely) CoCs #627 (also in Spanish and French, note for Pentecost!) Could serve as an offertory hymn

He is exalted / You are exalted SiS #143

He is Lord / All heaven declares (the glory of the risen Lord) If you have the music for these two songs you could bracket them together using a key change (the intervening chord is E7)  creating a very effective worship bracket

Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour TiS #520 Suggest you abbreviate by omitting 3 & 4

Majesty, worship his majesty Suited as a Gradual 

Meekness and majesty Possible Offertory hymn

All over the world (the Spirit is moving) SiS #51 Gradual, or post-communion

Father we love you Songs of the Kingdom #246 Suggest you modernise the words!

Pass it on (It only takes a spark) There is a straightforward Youtube clip here. Link has lyrics and guitar chords


7th SUNDAY OF EASTER (The alternative set of readings to those for Ascension Day)

We are many, we are one FFS #67 Suited to the opening or closing of worship

When we are living, we are in the Lord Suited to the gradual hymn

Will you come and follow me? (The Summons) Suited to closing worship

We are one in the Spirit Suited to post-communion

Alleluia, sing to Jesus HYFRYDOL Offertory

Join hands in the Spirit AA #32

Holy Spirit, go before us (see last week’s entry for details) AUSTRIA, etc.

Where mountains rise DUNEDIN AA#154 Very suitable as an opening/processional hymn. Tune can be found at TiS #691

Blow through the valleys FFS #6

Give thanks for life SINE NOMINE AA #45 Suitable offertory or processional

Bind us together, Lord

Christ let us come with you AA #17

Consider other music for the season of Easter as below, especially last week and the week before.

Natalie Sims and Chris Harris made major contributions to the lists for today. Kia ora!


Sixth Sunday of Easter (B): Love one another (Mothers’ Day)

Featured hymns for Mothers’ Day:

God of Eve and God of Mary (Fred Pratt Green) LOVE DIVINE or STUTTGART, or other 87.87 tune

Loving Spirit (Murray/Dell) AA #94(i)

Featured hymn & song for the work of the Holy Spirit:

Filled with the Spirit’s power sung to the well-known WOODLANDS (aka “Tell out my soul”) TiS #411. Link takes you to a lyrics page. This would work well as a hymn of sending forth.

Spirit of God is a new song (2015) from Resound Worship. It would make a lovely “scene setting” song before the service, or it could be played during communion. Perfect for Pentecost, too. May be best just to listen to this one.

Many of the hymns and songs from last Sunday (below) are also suitable, especially “God is love, with adoration”

Additional hymns and songs:

Spirit, Spirit of gentleness 

Holy Spirit, go before us (Elizabeth J Smith) can be sung to AUSTRIA, CONVERSE or other 87.87D. Link takes you to a pdf order of service, scroll down to p.13 for the text of this hymn. Also TiS #420

From the waiting comes the sign (Murray/Gibson). Well worth learning this hymn of invocation – excellent on the day of Pentecost as well.

O God of earth and space (Jane Parker Huber) Excellent hymn text to the Jewish tune LEONI, reflecting the language of today’s psalm (Tune: TiS #473 or CoCs #94)

Come O God of all the earth (Marty Haugen) Very lively song of creation’s response to God. TiS #181. Link has a sample performance and lyrics. Easy guitar chords. (This is another psalm-related song).

Love divine, all loves excelling

Come as you are, that’s how I want you (Deirdre Browne) TiS #693

The new commandment that I give to you A NEW COMMANDMENT “By this all people will know you’re my disciples” provides you with a more inclusive lyric.

Be still for the presence of the Lord

Kneels at the feet of his friends (Jesu, Jesu) TiS #640, CoCs #367

The steadfast love of the Lord SiS #414

Thanks to Natalie Sims and Chris Harris for their contributions to the list.


Fifth Sunday of Easter (B): The true vine

 I am the vine Murray/Render FFS # 35 Hebrew-style melody to the gospel imagery. Suited to the Gradual

God is love with adoration  Adaptation of Bryn Rees’s hymn (for inclusive language). Excellent opening hymn. Sung to ABBOT’S LEIGH

Love divine, all loves excelling BLAENWERN CoCs #565

Now the green blade rises NOEL NOUVELET CoCs #482

Give thanks for life (Murray) SINE NOMINE CoCs #563, AA #45 Excellent closing processional

Gentle God, when we are driven (Murray/Bray) AA #44 A confessional hymn

Christ let us come with you (Murray/Gibson) AA #17 A communion hymn

Let there be love shared among us SiS #117 (Suggest changing “brotherly” to “Jesus’ own” or similar), Gradual

We are many, we are one (Gibson) FFS #67 Lively song that suits the close of worship

Take my gifts (Murray/Gibson) AA #127 Suits the Offertory

Tell my people I love them (Barlotti & Jansen) AA #132 Can be sung as a communion hymn, or closing

We have a gospel to proclaim FULDA Could be used as the Gradual

Let us talents and tongues empl0y LINSTEAD Offertory, communion

O the deep, deep love of Jesus EBENEZEER

Come down O Love divine DOWN AMPNEY

Now as we go (Murray/Gibson) AA #99 A closing song

The Lord bless you and keep you (Garrett) AA #138 A closing blessing

We are one in the Spirit (Scholtes) CoCs #359 Suitable for post-Communion

Thanks to Chris Harris for his contributions to this list.


Fourth Sunday of Easter (B): The Good Shepherd

Featured video of the day:

The Lord is my Shepherd (Bobby McFerrin). Natalie Sims suggests this recording as a meditation on Psalm 23. In the style of Anglican chant, it offers feminine imagery for God. Frankly, I got goosebumps listening to it! Stunning. You could play this during communion. “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” Is. 66:13

Featured hymns/songs of the day:

You Lord are both Lamb and Shepherd Sylvia Dunstan’s memorable hymn of paradox. Sung to PICARDY. CoCs #22

Gather us in (Here in this place) Another example of paradox! Marty Haugen’s excellent gathering song TiS #474, CoCs #72. Performed by the LSM Conference 2014 on this page. Melody, lyrics and guitar chords here.

Additional selections for the day:

Eat this bread and never hunger Dan Damon’s easy-to-learn communion hymn. Link has words and music. CoCs #530

Who is this Jesus? SLANE Only found in CoCs #38

The king of love my Shepherd is

The Lord’s my shepherd

Loving shepherd of your sheep

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases SiS 414

All people that on earth do dwell

The Lord is my shepherd (and I want to follow) TiS #659. Link provides words and accompaniment, and points to a Youtube performance

O Christ the great foundation The link provides the lyrics sung to AURELIA aka “The Church’s one foundation”, but I think this text is much better than the pompous and triumphalist aforementioned. Suited to the Acts reading

I will sing the wondrous story HYFRYDOL

Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose Marnie Barrell’s lovely text can be sung to ABBOT’S LEIGH AA #55

Consider using material from last week and Easter. Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their contributions.

In the singing, in the silence Shirley Murray’s lovely communion song with music by Carlton Young FFS #38, CoCs #519


Third Sunday of Easter (B)  “Peace be with you”

Selections from last week, and also Easter day are very apt, including “Blessed be the body and the soul”

Featured hymns/songs of the day:

How deep the silence of the soul Stunning words by Sylvia Dunstan, written for TALLIS’S THIRD TUNE CoCs #165 Really beautiful for a small group/choir to learn. However, this can be sung to KINGSFOLD also

From the very depths of darkness  a joyful Easter hymn by Michael Forster. The link takes you to a document which includes the text. This hymn is sung to BATTLE HYMN (aka “Mine eyes have seen the glory”). This works well on guitar sung as a straight four rock beat, but you could stick to the traditional dotted rhythm if you prefer. Chords in G major. This hymn features in a book called “Praying in Song (Hymns and songs for young people)”

God give us peace that lasts (Bell, Iona Community) Very powerful words which can be sung to LOVE UNKNOWN


Additional selections for the day (Mainly re the peace of Christ):

Where shall be found (Tree of Peace) Colin Gibson’s easy to learn hymn HIOS #151

Give thanks with a grateful heart CoCs #134 (and other sources)

Be still and know that I am God

Dona nobis pacem

I heard the voice of Jesus say

Be thou my vision (Christ be my vision) CoCs #167 and most hymnals

In the singing, in the silence CoCs #519, FFS #38

Church of the living Christ AA #19 Effective when sung to LITTLE CORNARD

Christ is our peace AA #16 SUANTRAI traditional Irish tune

Christ let us come with you AA #17

Loving Spirit AA #94 I like David Dell’s tune

We have a gospel to proclaim FULDA

What a friend we have in Jesus CONVERSE

Thanks to Chris Harris and Natalie Sims for their contributions for today


2nd Sunday of Easter (B): Christ appears to the disciples

We suggest that you make use of material from Easter Day (below) if not already sung.

Featured hymn/song for the day:

Blessed is the body and the soul Dan Damon’s lovely and easy-to-learn piece is based on the Gospel text. What’s more, you can download the words and music. Look for the pdf symbol on the linked page for the printable music, complete with easy guitar chords. The LSM Conference 2014 chose this as one of their favourites, and the recording is on this page. CoCs #238

Additional selections for the day:

We are many, we are one (Gibson) FFS #67. This would make a lively closing hymn/song. Colin Gibson graciously gives permission for the free use of this hymn with acknowledgement. See linked page if you don’t have “Faith Forever Singing”. A great song of Christian inclusion for any congregation!

Jesus stand among us at the meeting of our lives SiS #427 Link is to a rather cheesy 70s recording.

Jesus stand among us in your risen power NORTH COATES HFTC #364 Suitably short for a Gradual! (Amen optional)

He came singing love (Gibson) AA #59, CoCs #226 Look for the pdf sheet music link

Longing for light/Christ be our light (Farrell) Very suitable in relation to the Epistle reading. Link is to a very attractive performance, but perhaps a little faster than your congregation would want to sing! Here’s a slower version , a bit posh.

Breathe on me, breath of God Well know traditional hymn TRENTHAM or CARLISLE (I prefer the former). CoCs # 190, HFTC #226

Thanks Chris Harris for your contributions for today


The Feast of the Resurrection: Easter (B)

Your Easter Day worship deserves a rich selection of familiar material and more recent hymns and songs which speak to us of “newness of life”. If everything is very familiar and well-worn, we might miss the sense of utter astonishment at the inbreaking of God’s unconquerable life.

Featured Easter hymn:

Christ is alive (and the universe must celebrate) Murray/Bray AA #15 Sometimes you just have to go for it and learn something new! This is a wonderful hymn to open (or close) your service with. “Praise the power that made the stone roll away”. Link has words and music.

Contemporary lyrics:

Praise the One who breaks the darkness Rusty Edwards. General praise hymn, but suited to Easter

Christ has risen while earth slumbers John Bell (Iona Community)

At the dawning of salvation Jock Curle:  TiS #392 At-The-Dawning-Of-Salvation

All these three sets of  excellent words (above) can be sung to various 87.87D tunes such as NETTLETON, HYFRYDOL or CONVERSE (aka “What a friend…”) Thanks to Natalie Sims for these suggestions.

Christ is alive, let Christians sing (Brian Wren) TRURO CoCs #473

Up from the earth Rory Cooney WOODLANDS (aka “Tell out my soul”) This deserves to be better known! It makes a wonderful processional hymn.

Up from the earth and surging


Traditional selections:

The day of resurrection ELLACOMBE TiS #361

Jesus Christ is risen today EASTER HYMN TiS #362, CoCs #476

All creation join to say Charles Wesley WURTTEMBURG HFTC #150

Light’s glittering morning fills the sky EASTER SONG HFTC #157 Suggest selected verses

Thine be the glory MACCABEUS This hymn is often modernised to read “Yours be the glory” but this is somewhat infelicitous when sung. Perhaps better is the version beginning “Glory to Jesus, risen, conquering Son… over death you won.” Otherwise the words version in HFTC (#167) is good.



Now the green blade rises NOEL NOUVELET CoCs #482

Easter Song (Hear the bells ringing) Annie Herring TiS #389

Hallelujah! We sing your praises Lively South African hymn TiS #541, CoCs #656

Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord (Usually the verse including “the just reward” is omitted!)

All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord

He is Lord, he is Lord (Te Ariki): A version in Te Reo Maori: Te Ariki, Te Ariki, kua ara mai e koe i te mate. Koropikoria, whakaatungia, ko Ihu te Ariki.”

This is the day …when he rose again! HFTC Song #28

I will enter his gates

Peruvian Gloria (Could be sung instead of reciting the Gloria, or as a Gospel acclamation)

Thanks to Chris Harris for his contributions





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