LSM conference recordings: You can download the tracks individually from Soundcloud right now.

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  1. Some useful websites for sourcing hymns and songs: UK site for contemporary songs suitable for liturgical churches, some material is available free, including “Lead sheets” (melody, lyrics and chords). Pay a small fee to download individual song packages or single items, which can include high-quality performance versions, backing tracks identical to the performance version, SATB, Orchestral arrangements, lyrics, etc. Here you can download over 7000 free accompaniment mp3’s which you can burn to CD or play from a laptop or other device. Pay a small fee to download copyright material. The organ accompaniments are good quality (N.B. Check the number of verses in the performance you choose!). Oremus gives you a free searchable database of 1800 hymns, but also has a Lectionary Based hymn selector, with Year C 2013 already available. The selections are all quite traditional Natalie Sims provides an exhaustive selection for each Sunday including both traditional and contemporary material New Zealand Hymnbook Trust provides NZ written selections for each Sunday of the Lectionary Jeff Shrowder provides hymn selections (mainly from “Together in Song”, the successor to “With One Voice”. Click on “The Weeks Ahead”: but there are also creative worship ideas, prayers etc. David MacGregor provides suggestions suitable for all ages for each Sunday of the Lectionary. Includes some backing tracks, too. An electic, rather than traditional mixture – well worth a look

    How to choose songs and hymns for worship by Mark Earey
    Grove Books W201: (e-book), also available in print


    If you use backing tracks from any source and you can rip them to a .wav file (or get a young person to do it for you), there is some FREE software called “Audacity”:

    Once a file is opened in Audacity, it can be time-stretched (to slow down or speed up) or the pitch lowered or raised (very useful). You can also trim the length to suit the number of verses. The file can then be saved in its new form.

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