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Ten minutes on a Tuesday is a free resource from the Methodist Church of New Zealand. Material for each Sunday of the RCL, downloadable and editable doc format, of interest to (desperate) preachers, worship planners and choosers of music.


A very useful compendium of RCL reflections has been collected together from “Church Times” newspaper columns. They are the work of Jane Williams (spouse of ++Rowan) who is a scholar in her own right.

However, Jane’s reflections are aimed at the ordinary reader and are designed to provoke consideration of the meaning of the Sunday texts for everyday Christians.

Our goal on this blog is to provide congregations where preaching is in short supply with a means to open the Scriptures with Jane Williams’ help.

You will find a short set of questions (hopefully every week!) enabling congregations to reflect in silence or aloud on the meaning of the texts for them, based on Jane Williams’ observations. One useful suggestion (from Onerahi LSMU) was to invite (well ahead of time) one person to prepare their personal answers to the (selected) questions, and then, after reading the Reflection, proceed in an interview format. Congregants could be invited to chip in, too!

You will need a copy of the book (make sure you get the one that covers Years A, B, and C!) which can be ordered online (from the Book Depository, for example) – only $22.44 at the time of writing! Published by SPCK.

When there is no formal sermon we suggest a time of silence after the Gospel reading, followed by an opportunity to consider each question (feedback optional).

A prayer for our openness to grow and change in application of our learnings could conclude this part of the liturgy.

Important note:¬†This set of reflections is connected to the Related version of the RCL (as found in the NZ Lectionary as the second set for the day). This means that there is an intended connection between the contents of the reading from the Hebrew Scriptures (OT or First Testament) and the Gospel reading. The readings from the Epistle are not intentionally related. Your church community may need to change to the set of Related readings to regularly make best use of Jane Williams’ reflections.

Jane Williams RCL Reflections

Jane Williams RCL Reflections

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