Jane Williams update

Apologies for the delay, but we Enablers have recently returned from running a week-long “Collaborative Ministry” course. However, if you’re short of time or inspiration, there is a new set of questions published today on the Jane Williams page. The questions focus on the Elijah lection and the Gospel (Walking on the water).


Music from Worldmaking

Looking for some songs you could play during the service for people to meditate on, hum along to or learn? Here’s a great site with very high quality recordings: http://www.worldmaking.net/explore-the-songs.php

What’s great about this material is the range, from meditative to seriously upbeat, short and long. And it’s aimed at liturgical churches, too.

There’s also a nice freebie for next Epiphany season.

Try these: “Thank God and sing praise” (Post-communion acclamation)

and scroll down for “Hear my cry O God” (Listen to the whole thing!)

Something here for most contemporary tastes in Anglicanism.

Inclusive language all the way, too!



“Light for the Lectionary” Free online All-age resources

We’ve already praised Scripture Union’s handy little quarterly booklets for Lectionary-based all-age worship:

“Light for the Lectionary provides a rich toolbox of resources for anyone leading all-age services in churches using the Revised Common (or Common Worship) Lectionary. The weekly service outlines help you explore the Bible passage and include suggestions for prayer, a statement of faith, and games and music ideas. Each quarterly volume covers Sunday services and other special days.

Light for the Lectionary cover

To see how Light for the Lectionary works, visit the Light for the Lectionary taster page.”

But they also have free online resources for Sunday-by-Sunday worship. For example, if you use a digital projector, they have a PowerPoint presentation of photographs illustrating Psalm 23 for Easter 4. (You don’t need to buy PowerPoint – OpenOffice has presentation software in it for free, compatible with PowerPoint).

Have a look at their ideas for the forthcoming Sundays, and download what you’re interested in.