Conference Music Available!

Some of you have been anticipating the availability of our demo tracks of the songs we learned at Conference this year. Thanks for your patience. I did promise them by Advent, and now they’re ready after digital editing and mastering to polish them up and make them as consistent as possible. We did a great job given the limits of time, setting and resources, supported by the talents of Josh Jones and Sandy Robertson.

Please use them to familiarize music groups and congregations, but don’t forget to have a suitable licence for reproducing words or music.

The two most used are: LicenSing  (more for mainline, liturgical congregations)

CCLI favoured by congregations with more contemporary worship song styles.

You can download the tracks individually from Soundcloud right now.

You can burn them to a CD using freeware. Here’s a page with some top recommendations .If you have ITunes, you can create a playlist, add the files, and burn to a CD very easily.

Please submit a comment if you have any difficulty accessing the material.

Here’s a sample:


Hymns from “Community of Christ Sings”

I’ve been introducing some great new songs and hymns from “Community of Christ Sings”, a new compendium of 664 items for that American denomination*. Some people have asked where they can buy it. The answer is slightly complicated!

Browse the site at

The really fantastic news is that this entire hymnal can be purchased in audio keyboard accompaniment mp3 files which you can play from a computer or burn to CDs (legally). At USD 159 that sounds pretty expensive, but not per track. You’d also need at least a pew version of the hymn book.

The accompaniment tracks come on a USB stick, and there is also a USB stick of lyrics available, but beware: they warn that you still have to have the relevant copyright permission (Licence, such as CCLI) to use the lyrics for projection or printing.

A two-volume spiral bound large-print edition is available for musicians (with accompaniment and chords).

BUT if you are purchasing from outside the USA you will need to email them to place your order – they’ll inform you what the postage will be.

HOWEVER you could get yourself a legal USA postal address via the nice folks at NZ Post: just visit YouShop and sign up for free and they will give you a legit USA address and forward your goods to the NZ address you specify upon notification. You will need to pay the International Postage rate.

*N.B. The repertoire is entirely ecumenical with Christian writers (including from Aotearoa) who are published all over the world, but the particular church that this book is for is a reformed church with Mormon associations.