Jane Williams update

Apologies for the delay, but we Enablers have recently returned from running a week-long “Collaborative Ministry” course. However, if you’re short of time or inspiration, there is a new set of questions published today on the Jane Williams page. The questions focus on the Elijah lection and the Gospel (Walking on the water).


August 3: Reflections

Reflection questions for Jane Williams’ book (pp 96-97) are up today. Brainwave! (Yes, a long time coming!) The entries are now with the most recent date first.


Update: Jane Williams & hymns for July 20

Please visit the Jane Williams’ reflections page for a new set of questions, and also the Lectionary Hymns and Songs page for suggestions for July 20, including the very relevant “The reign of God, like farmer’s field”.


New preacher on Social Justice issues

Bev Smith said it was “Just a talk” but the Maunu congregation were most impressed by her first preaching effort. Having been asked by the Team to share her broad experience of work in this area, Bev prepared a thoughtful and stimulating address which challenged us to move beyond individualistic Christianity to being vitally connected to our communities. Here’s the sermon Social-Justice-Bev-Smith

After the service the Team (and Bev!) spent time with the new LSM guidelines for preachers, which Auckland Enablers have copies of for all preachers.

An interesting reflection emerged: when one has been immersed in a 21st century set of concerns, there is an odd experience of disjuncture when suddenly lurching into a recitation of the optional Nicene Creed with its 4th Century concerns. As one participant said, “It’s like, ‘Now back to the Rule Book'”. Or, as I have secretly thought on occasion “No need to think about that any further, just allow this soothing Creed to wash over you instead.”

Sometimes (often?) it’s better just to have a time of silent reflection. Of course, you could utilise the “Liturgical Affirmation” on p.481 with its more relevant statement: “You empower us to be your Gospel in the world.”

If you are creating liturgy to suit an occasion for highlighting Social Justice, I like this affirmation which includes the words

“We are called to be the Church:

to celebrate God’s presence,
to live with respect in Creation,
to love and serve others,
to seek justice and resist evil,
to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,
our judge and our hope.”
– Ian


New Interpreter’s Bible now in software

New Interpreter’s Bible now in software

The New Interpreter’s Bible is a first-class 12 Volume commentary for students and preachers. It has useful reflections for each section to assist with sermon-starters. Until now we have often recommended that units buy the 2 Volumes Matthew-Mark & Luke-John for preparing Gospel-based sermons.

Now the whole 12 volumes is available in a software format for Windows and Mac users.

Check the link for a price in USD.

Ian Render