Useful Free Software

Want a really good browser? Google Chrome is an excellent free browser that doesn’t annoy you with constant updates (like Firefox) – and it also has a brilliant search feature – just type your search term into the address bar and get results from Google. The browser also supports extensions which make it very useful indeed, and the one I want to highlight for people who are gathering material for, say, a sermon or liturgy is called Snippy . With Snippy you can continuously collect snippets from around the web, and then upload them to Google Docs where you can edit them and save them on your computer.

This can save you a ton of work. Google Docs is an online word-processing program, and you can use it to collaborate with others as well. You will need to register to use it, but that is free (along with their excellent Gmail service).

If you don’t want to utilise the full rich-text features (like links and pictures) you can simply highlight the snippet contents with your mouse, and paste the contents into your own word-processing program. This is particularly useful for preachers who want to grab snippets from around the web.

Google Docs

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