Who are these hymn and song suggestions for?

These hymn and song suggestions should suit:

a) People who want to draw on “treasures old and new” from the Church’s repertoire

b) People who want to choose words that are theologically substantial and able to give expression to the Christian faith for today’s worshippers

c) People committed to using inclusive language as far as possible, including a variety of language for God, who cannot be confined by descriptors

d) People looking for material that is properly suited to congregational singing, regardless of the size of that congregation

e) People who celebrate the creativity of authors and composers who are writing in the 21st Century

f) People who are open to a broad repertoire including traditional-style hymns, worship songs, gospel and jazz traditions, new hymns, choruses, reflective refrains, children’s (all-age) songs, international/folk material

g) People who celebrate being in the Southern Hemisphere, especially Aotearoa-NZ through the many gifted writers whose work we enjoy

h) People who need to cut-and-paste hymn texts for bulletins or projection

NB: Please remember to have a copyright licence appropriate to your congregation’s usage if you are reproducing words or music

  • Ian Render, compiler of the music section of this blog